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What type of desk chair or office chair do you want? Please select below.

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Why workplace seating is important, how to choose your perfect office chair.

The most important thing to remember when selecting an office chair is that people come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ office chair that will suit everybody. An employee who is cramped, or who is in pain due to a poorly designed computer desk chair is not an employee who will enjoy their work and perform to the best of their abilities. A good office chair will allow the user to adjust the office chair to fit their body, their desk, and their activities.

The most productive employees are those who feel at home in the workplace. These employees are free to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than some small part of their mind remaining occupied on basic comfort considerations. If people don’t move around a lot throughout the course of the working day, they will require an office chair which is well matched to their body.

An ill-fitting office chair will quickly cause pain. Employees should be able to adjust the seat so when their feet are firmly on the floor their legs are bent to 90 degrees, which assists the pressure applied to the lower back. The user’s arms should also be bent to 90 degrees whilst their hands are flat on the desk, assisting the upper back and shoulders which will prevent slouching and bad posture.

Using the picture links above you can choose the type of office chair that suits you. Choose from economical office operator chairs, luxurious high back office manager chairs, heavy duty 24 hour use office chairs, bariatric chairs, ergonomic highly adjustable modern stylish mesh office chairs, traditional fabric task chairs in various colours and genuine leather office chairs or faux leather executive office chairs and meeting or visitors chairs.

Many office chairs can be fitted with a choice of fixed loop arms, adjustable height arms, folding arms or supplied without arms.

To ensure your comfort look out for office chairs with the following adjustments... back height adjustment, free floating back, back rake tilt adjustment, adjustable lumbar back support, weight tension control, knee tilt adjustment., seat depth adjustment and adjustable headrest.

If you're looking for anything from a cheap desk chair to an executive office chair or you need a high quality ergonomic stylish office chair our office furniture guide will take you step-by-step through your different options.

From our base in Whittle le Woods, we are ideally placed to provide a fast furniture installation service to Chorley, Leyland and Preston and throughout Lancashire and the North West of England.

So whether you want just one workstation or a full office we can help you with your planning, deliver the goods and install them.

If you are unable to find an office furniture product in our furniture catalogue or online shop it does not mean we don't supply it.

Please call our team and our experienced staff can help you.


How to adjust your office chair

mechanisms - gas lift adjustment.jpg

Gas Lift Adjustment

Raises and lowers the height of the seat to fit the user.

mechanisms - back height adjustment.jpg

Back Height Adjustment

Allows the seat back to be highered and lowered to suit.

mechanisms - back rake adjustment.jpg

Back Rake Adjustment

Independent back tilt control. Lockable in multiple positions.

mechanisms - weight tension control.jpg

Weight Tension Control

Adjustable to the users weight for controlled smooth reclining action.

mechanisms - seat depth adjustment.jpg

Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat slides forwards and backwards to match the users size.


Office chair tilting actions explained

Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in upright position only.

tilting - independent seat tilt.jpg

Independent Seat Tilt

Allows the seat to be independently tilted forwards and backwards.

tilting - tilt rocker.jpg

Tilt Rocker

Allows the back to be independently tilted forwards and backwards.

tilting - synchro seat and back tilt.jpg

Synchro Seat and Back Tilt

Seat and back move in a synchronised motion. Lockable in multiple positions.

Manual lumbar adjustment to support the back where neede.


Office chair arm variations explained

arm options - fixed loop arms.jpg

Fixed Loop Arms

Loop arms fixed in position to provide support for the body.

arm options - height adjustable arms.jpg

Height Adjustable Arms

Arms adjust in height. Lockable in multiple positions.

arm options - pivot arms.jpg

Pivot Arms

Arms can be pivoted back and forth for clear access.

arm options - adjustable folding arms.jpg

Adjustable Folding Arms

Arms adjust in height and can be folded back when not required.

arm options - adjustable 3d arms.jpg

Adjustable 3D Arms

Arms adjust in height, front and back, and left and right positions..

arm options - adjustable 4d arms.jpg

Adjustable 4D Arms

Arms adjust in height, front and back, and left and right positions in addition to moving in and out to suit.

arm options - writing tablet.jpg

Writing Tablet

Arm comes complete with a writing tablet which can be adjusted for writing or reading or put down.

tilting - knee tilt adjustment.JPG

Knee Tilt Adjustment

Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in various positions.

tilting - standard tilt lock.jpg

Standard Tilt Lock

tilting - locking tilt lock.jpg

Locking Tilt Lock

Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in any position.


Office chair lumbar support explained

back support - lumbar support.JPG

Lumbar Support

Offers additional support to the lower back.

back support - adjustable lumbar support.jpg

Adjustable Lumbar Support

back support - adjustable lumbar pump.jpg

Adjustable Lumbar Pump

Adjust the back position easily with pump action to support the back.

chair mechanisms explained
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